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What is the Health Alliance of Southern Oregon?

The Health Alliance of Southern Oregon (HASO) is embarking on a mission to transform the way care is delivered to our community as a whole through a partnership for quality between physicians in Southern Oregon and Asante.

HASO provides an appropriate and legal structure that allows private practice providers, employed physicians, teams within the hospital, and other local healthcare providers to collaborate on the improvement of quality and cost and to reward those who choose to participate to get this hard work done.

The market is demanding change, and customers are requesting increased value for their healthcare premiums. We know that we can deliver better care if we work together within a more closely aligned system of care.

Health Alliance of Southern Oregon (HASO)

Board of Managers

  • Dr. Steven Hersch, Chair
  • Dr. Brian Hall, Co-Chair
  • Dr. Mel Castillo
  • Dr. Megan Frost
  • Dr. Matt Hough
  • Dr. Chris Morgan
  • Dr. Joe Pastrano
  • Dr. Doug Diehl
  • Dr. Geoff Swanson
  • Greg Wojtal

Commitee Members

Clinical Programs

  • Dr. Megan Frost, Chair
  • Dr. Kristina Darlington
  • Dr. Ahsan Jaffar
  • Dr. BJ Lynch
  • Dr. Nick Mills
  • Dr. Colin NewBill
  • Dr. Shivani Patel
  • Dr. Doug Diehl
  • Jordan Personius, PA
  • Troy Marion-Arnold, RN
  • Bill Edwards
  • Dr. Geoff Swanson

Operations/IT Advisory Council

  • Lisa Redfern, Chair
    Women’s Center of Southern Oregon
  • Michelle Walkup, Co-Chair
    Southern Oregon Hospitalists
  • Vacant
    Medford Radiology
  • Kelli Charbonneau
    Southern Oregon Neurosurgical
  • John D’Angelo
    Southern Oregon Cardiology
  • Shane Irving
    Oregon Surgical Specialists
  • Jim Berry
    Asante Physician Partners
  • Debbie McQueen
    Asante Physician Partners
  • Bill Edwards
    Health Alliance of Southern Oregon
  • Dr. Geoff Swanson
    Health Alliance of Southern Oregon

Improving the value of healthcare for our community is HASO’s primary goal.

We invite you to help us put the pieces together for this community-wide effort.

Please give us a call to discuss how you can become involved.

Contact Clarissa Faust at (541) 789-2261

What is Clinical Integration?

Clinical integration (CI) is a physician-driven, physician-led, physician-managed, and hospital-supported care delivery strategy. The focus of CI is to improve the quality of care across the continuum and to reduce the cost of that care.

Through participation in an effective and legally compliant CI program, independent physicians have the opportunity to contract collectively with fee-for-service payers and employers based on need and the ability to bring a new level of quality and efficiency to care delivery.

Collectively negotiated contracts under clinical integration do not involve capitation or other forms of financial risk sharing. CI contracting seeks to negotiate physician fees and performance-based incentive payments from fee-for-service payers and employers.

Clinical Integration involves the three C’s


CI physicians commit to uphold standards of quality that are recognized by the physicians themselves as best practices, consistent with scientific evidence and “the right thing to do.”


CI physicians use technology to communicate with one another regarding individual patient care and the performance of the group as a whole, to ensure that high standards are upheld and that care is delivered in the most efficient manner possible across the continuum.


CI physicians gain the ability to participate jointly in contracts with payers and employers based on high-quality performance and outcomes of the entire group.

Who benefits from Clinical Integration?

Simply put, everyone can benefit from this approach to healthcare delivery.


Patients receive greater consistency of high-quality care delivered from a trusted source—their physician—through better and more-efficient communication among physicians and their colleagues.


Physicians can demonstrate high quality and efficiency to current and future patients, payers, and employers and enter into physician-directed collaborative negotiations for professional fees, pay-for-performance, and other contractual arrangements with health plans and employers in a way that financially recognizes their efforts.


Hospitals will be able to develop more-collaborative relationships with their medical staffs, enlist physician support for quality initiatives, and position themselves at an advantage in the market on the basis of quality.

Foundational Clinical Integration Steering Committee

January 2014 – September 2014

  • Chris Alftine, MD, Chair
  • Ken Lightheart, MD, Co-Chair
  • Mel Castillo, MD
  • Doug Diehl, MD
  • Matt Hough, MD
  • Paul Matz, MD
  • Lee Milligan, MD
  • Nick Mills, MD
  • Rick Morris, MD
  • Scott Nelson, DO
  • Joe Pastrano, MD
  • John Shonerd, DO
  • Timothy Uschold, MD
  • Sheri Bodager, VP/ED
    Asante Physician Partners
  • Patrick Hocking, CAFO
  • Scott Kelly, CEO
    Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center
  • Ken Lindsey, MD, VPMA
    Asante Three Rivers Medical Center

Foundational Clinical Integration Clinical Programs Committee

January 2014 – September 2014

  • Brian Hall, MD, Chair
  • Chris Morgan, MD, Co-Chair
  • Alan Binette, MD
  • Goran Cvijanovic, MD
  • Kris Darlington, DO
  • Megan Frost, MD
  • Jon Gell, MD
  • Lee Harker, MD
  • Steven Hersch, MD
  • Jonathan Lee, MD
  • Tamara Medley, MD
  • Mark Moran, MD
  • Robin Pike, MD
  • Laura Smiricky, MD
  • Sheri Bodager, VP/ED
    Asante Physician Partners
  • Jamie Grebosky, MD, VPMA
    Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center
  • Susan Montgomery, CNO
    Asante Ashland Community Hospital

Contact Information

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2620 East Barnett Road, Suite H · Medford, OR 97504
(541) 789-2261